Our Services


Acworth Animal Hospital offers surgical services to pets in Acworth, Woodstock, Cartersville, and Kennesaw, Georgia. Our veterinarians at Acworth Animal Hospital have many years of successful surgical procedures, and are compassionate and caring during each pet’s surgical event. Our Acworth facility has a state-of-the-art surgical suite for the care of our patients, which includes the latest tools, equipment and monitoring analyzers available in veterinary medicine. The combination of our doctor’s surgical experience and knowledge, along with our advanced equipment, means pets in need of surgery are in caring and capable hands at Acworth Animal Hospital. Our doctors and their team are ready to care for your pet’s surgical needs, whether they need to be spayed or neutered, or may be facing a more complicated surgery.

All pets in need of any type of surgery are recommended to have pre-surgical blood work run prior to the event, to help minimize the risk of an unknown condition. Next, preventative pain medications are always required, as pets can feel pain in much the same way that people do. As our doctors and their experienced technicians prepare your pet for the operation, they begin to monitor all vital signs, including oxygen levels, heart rate and blood pressure. During the surgery itself, these vital indicators will be continually monitored to insure your pet is as safe and comfortable as possible. Upon completion, your pet will be kept warm, pain medications will be given as needed, and careful monitoring will continue as your pet regains consciousness.

You can rest assured that your pet is in compassionate and experienced hands at Acworth Animal Hospital. If your pet is in need of surgery, call one of our caring team members to schedule an appointment today.